18 Doves/Minute with the Winchester SX3 20 Gauge

    Doves are a major ecological problem in Argentina where a significant amount of crops are consumed the birds. Bird shooters from all over the world head to the Cordoba region of Argentina where there are an estimated 30 million doves (for comparison, the whole of Argentina has a population of just over 40 million people!) for hardcore shooting.

    Scott Breeze headed to the Cordoba region, sponsored by Winchester, to break the dove shooting record. He shot for 14 hours, with just one 20 minutes lunch break, and downed over 15,000 birds with 16,000 shells. That averages close to 18 doves per minute! Two Winchester SX3 shotguns, chambered in 20 gauge, were used with one being loaded while the other was being fired.

    Winchester had this to say about the hunt

    All the doves shot by Scott, and by the many other hunters who go to Argentina, are utilized as best as possible. Some are eaten by the hunters, the rest are distributed to the local farmers and others who also eat them or utilize them for livestock feed

    Watch the video here …

    [ Many thanks to Frank for emailing me the info. ]

    Steve Johnson

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