Accuracy International AX338 and AX AICS

    Accuracy International, whose rifles are widely regarded as the best money can buy, have launched a new long range .338 Lapua rifle. It builds on its predecessor, the .338 Lapua AX Magnum, adding a more modern looking stock as well as an improved bolt and action.

    Accuracy International AX338

    The action is longer and wider to accommodate a ten round double stack magazine. The bolt head is larger, and stronger, than the AX Magnum bolt head. The stock is more ergonomic and, in my opinion, nicer looking than the older stock.

    I do not know what the pricing will be. Being AI, it is guaranteed to be expensive.

    AX AICS Stock for Remington 700

    AI will also be introducing an AX version of the AICS stock for the Remington 700 rifle. Again, I do not know the pricing of this product.

    More photos below …

    Steve Johnson

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