Kel-Tec KSG bullpup Shotgun

    In a matter of months Kel-Tec has unveiled the PMR-30 pistol, the RMR-30 carbine and now the exciting KSG Shotgun. This bullpup pump-action shotgun has dual tube magazines that can hold a total of 14+1 rounds of ammunition.

    The shotgun has a total length of 26″ and a barrel length of 18.5″, thus ensuring it does not run afowl of any NFA regulations and is civilian legal.

    Caliber 12 gauge 2.75″
    Capacity 14+1
    Magazine(s) Two 7 round tube magazines
    Finish Black
    Barrel 18.5″
    Overall Length 26.1″
    Weight 6.9 lbs (unloaded), 8.5 lbs (loaded)
    Width 3″
    MSRP (Price) Not yet announced.
    Availability 2011
    Photo (C) Oleg Volk

    This shotgun has been compared to the South African NEOSTEAD 2000 Bullpup Shotgun. A big difference is that the NEOSTEAD could be set to feed alternating between both the magazines. The KSG can only set to feed from the right or the left. Once the magazine is empty, the operator must use a manual switch to select the other magazine. This may appear at first glance to be disadvantage but for many people who live in areas where shotgun magazine capacity is limited by law, this feature, or lack of feature as the case may be, could allow them to legally possess the KSG.

    Photo (C) Oleg Volk

    As you can see in the photos, the shotgun features a forward picatinny rail as well as a rail under the pump handle. In all the photos published so far the KSG is shown with flip up back up iron sights.

    I think Kel-Tec have another winner on their hands.

    [ Many thanks to all the readers who emailed me about this shotgun when I was on holiday. ]

    Steve Johnson

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