Noreen Bad News: .338 Lapua Semi-auto AR-style rifle

    The Noreen Bad News is a semi-automatic rifle chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum. It is patterned after the AR-15 rifle and uses some AR parts such as the pistol grip, stock and trigger.

    Noreen is marketing the rifle as the ultimate patrol rifle: semi-automatic (faster than old action), long range (much more power than the .308 Win) and comfortable recoil (on account of the semi-auto action and muzzlebrake).

    Caliber .338 Lapua Magnum (.300 Win. Mag coming soon)
    Capacity 5 or 10 rounds
    Finish black
    Barrel 26″ 1:10″ twist
    Stock Magpul PRS
    Weight 13 lbs
    Other Features full length, quad rail
    MSRP (Price) $4995

    Brandon Webb, a new contributor to the Kit Up blog and former Navy SEAL, was criticizing the Army for adopting a new bolt action instead of a semi-auto rifle. Maybe they should have been looking at something like the Bad News.

    Video of the Bad News being fired
    Steve Johnson

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