Bill Wilson goes hunting with the .300 AAC BLK

    [ Bill Wilson of Wilson Combat wrote the following for the forum. rsilvers, who runs Silencer Talk, gave me permission to repost it here. ]

    Got our first Wilson Combat 300 AAC BLACKOUTs together last Friday.

    Spent most of Sat and Sun on the range doing load development and accuracy testing. Shot over 700rds thru 4 uppers. Settled on the Barnes 130gr TTSX over 18gr H110, 2.160″ OAL as my hunting load which gives me 2050fps MV out of my 11.3″ SBR. So far I’ve taken 1 hog and 4 deer all with excellent down range terminal performance.

    Bobcat at 40yds, amazing based on the exit wound we had good bullet expansion.

    172# sow taken at 85yds, both with 130gr TTSX at 2050fps MV, one shot DRT with massive spine/lung damage on hog.

    It’s like shooting a pop gun, minimal report and no recoil……………….

    We shot several bullets into the hog in the am and recovered some bullets to see what kind of expansion we’re getting.

    Bullets recovered after passing thru the shoulder area (12″ thick) of a 172# hog shot from 75yds. We did not recover the TTSX bullet that killed her last night, it penetrated 19″ and exited.

    Barnes 130gr TTSX penetrated the hog and approx 8″ of water behind it, expansion is .502″ at the widest point, 100% weight retention. We shot 3 more from 125yds and penetration was a little more, 1 went thru both the of the first two 5″ thick water jugs and into the third, but expansion dropped down slightly to .479″, .488″ and .490″. Load was 18gr H110, 2.160″ OAL, MV was 2050fps.

    Nosler 125gr Ballistic Hunter penetrated the hog and approx 2″ of water, core and jacket were seperated and both combined weighed 108gr, was suprised at the amount of penetration with this fragile bullet. Load was 18gr H110, 2.160″ OAL, MV was 2075fps.

    Based on what I’ve seen so far I think the 300 AAC will be adequate for deer and hogs with the 130gr TTSX out to 150yds, which is about as far as I normally shoot anyway. The Nosler Ballistic Hunter should work fine for smaller hogs and deer, but I wouldn’t want to stick one in a 200+# tough old boar. The Ballistic Hunter would be one heck of a home defense round…………….

    Steve Johnson

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