“The AK is as Danish as strawberry porridge with cream”

    An article, author unknown, has been circulating on Danish internet forums. It claims that the AK-47 design should be attributed to Danes, rather than Russians.

    Rødgrød aka. strawberry porridge with cream

    Personally I do not buy this theory. Guns have evolved over hundreds of years since the cannon was invented. Each new development has been an improvement of one that proceeded it. There are few, if any, 100% original designs. If we attributed a design to the inventors of each concept that preceeded it, the AK-47 would probably have been invented by the Americans, British, Germans, French, Chinese and [insert any country here].

    Still, you may be interested in reading the theory and making up your own mind.

    Many thanks to Mark for translating the article into English for the blog.

    Steve Johnson

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