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Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Hundreds of years ago the Indians realized that hunting need not be a sport requiring exertion or discomfort (at least not for the hunters).

Tiger hunting in India.

The concept Jeep Wrangler on display at the SEMA Show 2010 (Automotive aftermarket parts expo) would make any maharaj jealous. I especially like the mini-fridge situated between the hunting seats.

Photos from Jeep’s Facebook

Slightly offtopic: I came across this hilariously staged tiger and leopard hunting video that was filmed in 1930. The leopard head poking out of the trees at 2:33 gave me a good laugh.

[ Many thanks to Drew for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Matt Matt on Nov 06, 2010


  • Tommy2rs Tommy2rs on Nov 06, 2010

    Gotta agree with Arthur B. Burnett. I remember seeing these type setups on the King Ranch back in the 80's when I was in the oilfield. I've seen Scouts, Blazers, pickups all converted this way since then. Usually on the big ranches. The front bumper seats were used for quail shooting. Notice I said shooting and not hunting.

    Only thing I didn't see on the Jeep in the article pic was a corn spreader mounted on a receiver hitch.