HK417 did not pass German Army DMR tests

    The German Army, like the rest of NATO is seems, is looking for a Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR). Once selected it will be given the designation G27. REMOV wrote on that the HK417 will not be the G27 as was rumored …

    The HK417 will not be the G27, because the German rifle did not passed the Bundeswehr field tests. The information was told during the Infantry Symposium in Unterluess by Infantry School representative lt. col. Detlef Rausch. The HK417 failed at the accuracy tests. So now, most probably will be the open contest for new DMR for Bundeswehr, which means SIG Sauer SAPR as well as Oberland Arms rifles plus… civilian model of the HK417 – MR308 will take a part.

    The civilian MR762 (MR308 in Germany)

    I have heard that the British Army is looking at acquiring H&K417 rifles, despite having recently adopted the simular L129A1.

    Steve Johnson

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