Converting a H&K USC into a UMP

    The H&K USC carbine is the civilian version of the H&K UMP sub machine gun. The USC has a fixed Dragunov-style stock while the UMP has a folding stock and free standing pistol grip. Apparently you can convert a USC into a UMP. Les wrote to me saying …

    I recently shot a multi-gun match which required the use of a
    pistol-caliber carbine and ran into two guys that were using HK UMP’s.
    At first I thought they were LEO, but they said that they had just
    converted HK USC’s to UMP’s by following the process below (you’ll
    have to scroll)

    The guys did the conversions themselves, and the pieces were high
    quality, all HK part UMP clones in .45…

    H&K USC into a UMP conversions

    Very nice.

    [ Many thanks to Les for emailing me the info. ]

    Steve Johnson

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