FN Herstal lays off workers amidst fears of declining sales

    FN Herstal (Belgium) has laid off fifty workers with more layoffs rumored. RTBF.be reports (translated using Google) …

    After the announcement of a fifty departures among contractors, staff representatives believe that a hundred or divestitures are now scheduled, a threat that weigh on so all the workers engaged in duration, often young. However, the NF is characterized by a lopsided pyramid. And the unions have insisted for several years about the need to ensure the renewal of the workforce. Does management have a plan in the medium term?

    RTLInfo.be reports rumors (also translated using Google) that FN lost out on a 100 million euro contract to supply arms to Libya …

    FN Herstal did not confirm the information released Wednesday by La Libre Belgique that a contract of 100 million euros have been spent by Libya with Russia rather than Belgium.

    2010 has not been a good year for FN Herstal. These rumors follow USSOCOM abandoning the SCAR mk. 16 rifle (still denied on FN Herstal’s homepage, despite being confirmed by their US subsidiary FNH-USA).

    [ Many thanks to Famas for emailing me the infomation. ]

    Steve Johnson

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