Teenager gets locked into Bass Pro Shop gun safe

    NBC reports

    The next day, that would be Monday for those of you keeping score at home, a 16-year-old boy — presumably sans dog — somehow got himself locked in a gun safe at the Bass Pro Shop in Grapevine.

    It probably wasn’t as funny as the “Family Guy” episode. Store employees tried to open the safe by using the combination, which makes sense, but for some unexplained reason, the digital pad failed to respond.

    One person commented …

    Not funny. The store should have rigged the display model so it could not be locked, or the door could not be completely closed.

    Sigh … no, the kid should have stayed out of the safe. If I went into a gun shop to buy a safe, asked them to demo it to me, and was told “Sorry, we can’t close them”, I would laugh and then walked straight on out.

    [Hat Tip: Reddit]

    Steve Johnson

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