IPSC Competition Shoes

    I did not realize that you could buy shoes designed especially for IPSC.

    They are sold by a European online store called DoubleAlpha for 129 Euros…

    The Fin made JALAS Cross Control FLX shoe is a superb, technologically advance professional footwear.

    It is designed with the outdoor athlete in mind, one who has to perform in a terrain which offers a diverse assortment of surfaces. This makes it perfect for IPSC shooting, where you can never be quite sure on what surface you will have to run – sand, gravel, grass, asphalt or even on wooden boards.

    The JALAS offers a soft rubber cleat system, which incorporates steel studs embedded into the cleats themselves. These studs give great traction and grip even when running on wet wooden boards, which are notoriously slippery. The deep-profile rubber cleats offer excellent grip even in deep sand or mud, making this a truly universal shoe.

    The shoe incorporates a removable hard plastic external ankle support, which provides peace of mind to those who worry about spraining their ankle. This lightweight brace is completely unobtrusive, but will offer that crucial extra support when needed.

    [ Many thanks to Paulo for emailing me the link. ]

    Steve Johnson

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