"You Broke It" : .44 Magnum Barrel Failure

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

This video me a good laugh. It must have been damn scary!

The owner of the unlucky Ruger Redhawk has been discussing the incident on the WeaponsCache forum.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Dt Dt on Aug 28, 2010

    Final thoughts....When it comes to handguns you see the term "the best" followed by names like H&K and SIG not Ruger, S&W, or Colt. You would think of the few things actually made in America we would be the best at making handguns.

  • Johnnie Johnnie on Mar 09, 2011

    Ruger, Smith, colt and every other maker of firearms have had problems with one or more models of their guns. The Remington 700 rifle has had trigger problems for years but yeat it is the greatest selling Rife of all time. We do not know the condition of the owners firearm. How new it was, or how well it was maintained. We do not know if it was factory ammo or reloads. We do know from the video that you should never go shooting with idiots like the ones in the video. They seem to act like guns and shooting is play time. I really hate to see self-proclaimed shooters teaching other people without starting basic gun safety and protective gear. You see a lot of idiots on you tube taking their women out to shoot for the first time and starting them off with a basic 22 first. Then dumb, dumbs just sit back and laugh their asses of when she doesn't want to anymore because of the recoil from a 357 mag or larger. Just because a person has the right to bare arms does not mean they are mature, safe to have them. Those people should not be trying to teach othe people. Idiots learning from other idiots are only asking for trouble in the long run. Bad begining create bad habits. Stay away from idiots like those in the video. There are only there to show off and pretend that they know what they are doing. It is obvious that they do not.