SIG’s protest over AFT pistol selection thrown out

    GSN reports that the Government Accountability Office has thrown out a protest from Sig Sauer over the BATFE’s decision to eliminate their pistol from the procurement competition they are running to select the new pistol system for the agency …

    “Based on the results of the shooting tests, the [source selection board] recommended to the contracting officer that Sig Sauer’s handgun be excluded from further consideration as unacceptable with respect to reliability,” said the GAO, in a decision document released on August 18. ATF agents had recorded 58 stoppages with Sig Sauer’s full-size and compact pistols, 13 of which were considered to be gun-induced and 45 shooter-induced.

    Sig Sauer raised a variety of objections to the manner in which ATF considered various criteria during the evaluation process, but the GAO didn’t buy the company’s arguments.

    Steve Johnson

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