Never, Never, Never Give Up (If you are FN Herstal)

    An article published today at the Belgium news website claims that le SCAR is destined to replace the M14 and M16 and that up to 10,000 could be ordered by the American Army.

    Le SCAR (special combat assault rifle) est destiné à remplacer les fusils M-14 et M-16 en circulation depuis des décennies.

    L’armée américaine en aurait commandé 1.600 unités, mais ce nombre pourrait augmenter à 10.000 dans les prochaines années.

    Given the timing of this article and that the top news item on FN Herstal’s1 website is still “FN 5.56 SCAR® Retained in USSOCOM’s Inventory”, I suspect FN has been feeding information to the press.

    Could FN Herstal have had an ace up their sleeve all along? Or are they just refusing to admit defeat?

    [ Many thanks to Clairon for posting the link. ]

    1. Note that FNH-USA is a separate company to their parent FN Herstal 

    Steve Johnson

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