Brazil's new service rifle: IMBEL IA2

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Brazil has chosen the IMBEL IA2 as its new service rifle. The rifle is based on the MD-97 and was previously named the IMBEL MD-97A2.

Photos form Plano Brasil

Like its predecessor, it is based on the FN FAL but uses a rotating bolt instead of a tilting bolt. There will two versions, one chambered in 5.56mm NATO and another in 7.62mm NATO.


I hope this gun is more reliable than the original MD-97.

Post Showing the IA2 (Phone from

[ Many thanks to Rafa for emailing me the photos. ]

UPDATE: ZeRo4BR, a correctional officer in Rio de Janeiro who uses the original MD-97 at work, says in the comments that this is not the rifle selected as the future Brazilian service rifle, but just an upgrade for the existing MD-97s.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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