Nitron N-32 gas powered cannon

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

The Nitron N-32 is a semi-automatic cannon microprocessor controlled high pressure inert gas cannon. Is fires 1.250” steel ball bearings at over 1000 fps. That is about 3000 ft/lbs of muzzle energy. For comparison a 7.62x51mm NATO round has about 2600 ft/lbs of energy!

Nitron N-32

The gun runs off either compressed Nitrogen, air or Helium. Its peak performance is at 1200 psi. Depending on supply pressure it can fire at up to 60 rounds per minute which, sadly, would be to slow for full automatic fire.


The gun is fed from a tube magazine which holds 32 bullets (+ 3 bullets in the gun’s magazine adapter).


The company tells me what they have designed for gun for maritime recreational use … read into that what you will 😉

A video of the beast in action.
Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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    Gonna have a merry-time with that one.

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    It's time to put the regulatory entities where they belong - subservient to the American People.