[ Help Me Out ] Dropbox

    Guys and girls, if you have more than one computer and/or an iPhone/Ipod Touch or Android phone, you need Dropbox. If you sign up for a free account, I get 250mb of free extra storage (per person who tries it) 🙂

    One use of Dropbox: Collecting and sharing targets with your shooting buddies (Yes, I have a lot of targets 🙂

    I use it daily to keep files across multiple computers, store files on my iPod Touch and use share files with family and friends. It is seriously one of the most useful applications I have ever used … and no, I am not just saying it 😉

    Try Dropbox here. It is free for 2 gigs of storage.

    UPDATE: You need to download the application and log in with it for it to give me free space. You also get an extra 250mb extra free space.

    Steve Johnson

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