Colt Tactical carbines

    The Colt Defense Tactical line is, or was, supposed to be Colt’s triumphant return to the commercial market. I held off for months from blogging about the Colt Defense’s Tactical line of rifles until more information came to light. Nearly six months later no new information has been unveiled and the website is still offline. I have decided to publish what I know but keep in mind that the specs probably will have changed by the time they make it to market.

    The philosophy of Colt Tactical’s line is to be an out-of-the-box optics-ready AR-15 built to the same standards as the Colt M4 rifles built for the military.

    The Colt Tactical display.

    Three models will be offered based on the 6940, 6920 and 6520.

    Colt Tactical 6940. Photo © SMGLee

    The 6940-based carbine features a Vltor Gen-2 flip up front sight, a KAC 600m micro rear sight and a Vltor iMOD stock.

    Colt Tactical 6920 and 6520. Photo © SMGLee

    The 6920 and 6520 feature a Centurion Arms free float rail system, KAC 300m micro BUIS and Vltor iMOD stock.

    David Crane has written about the new line at DefenseReview.

    [ Many thanks to SMGLee for info and photos. ]

    Steve Johnson

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