Remington VersaMax Shotgun: Coming Soon

    An anonymous reader email me these two logo’s that are apparently for a new Remington shotgun which will be launched next month.

    I did some Googling to confirm this and found that the Office of the California Attorney General’s Roster of Approved Firearms Safety Devices has approved a safety device for the “Remington VersaMax Shotgun”.

    Regal Industrial Sales RTL10 Regal Industrial Sales Model RTL10 trigger lock is designed to fit Remington VersaMax Shotgun exclusively

    My guess is that the VersaMax is a tactical autoloader. Remington has a great line of tactical Model 870 pump guns but only one barley-tactical autoloader, the Model 1100 TAC 4. The only tactical feature os the TAC 4 is its four magazine extension. It lacks the short barrel and picatinny rails which which make sense on a home defense / tactical scatter gun.

    [ Many thanks to the anonymous reader for emailing me the link. ]

    UPDATE: Sadly I was wrong. It looks like it is a hunting shotgun with a 26″ barrel and a MSRP of $1,599. Well done to Jay for digging up this info.

    Steve Johnson

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