Ruger LCR .357 for recoil sensitive shooters

    Both the Ruger LCR and LCR 357 pack quite a punch. Sadly physics does allow weight to be decreased without felt recoil increasing.

    Michael Bane makes the sensible recommendation that recoil sensitive shooters should buy the LCR 357 instead of the standard LCR because it is 26% heavier. Loading it with softer .38 Special rounds will be more comfortable than shooting the standard LCR with .38 Special ammo. Michael says

    If you’re at all recoil-sensitive, I strongly suggest you chose the 17.1 ounce .357 over the regular 13.5 ounce .38, then shoot .38s in the heavier LCR. I shot 158-gr Hornady .38+P self defense loads in the .357 and it was controllable and painless. Regular .38s would be downright pleasant to shoot,. I’d kill to have one of these in .22LR (take note, Ruger…pleeeeeeeease…).

    Ruger LCR 357
    Steve Johnson

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