Progressive development of Y-man’s home-made slugs [ Part 6 ]

    [ Y-Man, our resident Nigerian shotgunner, continues his series of guest articles about his quest to build the perfect shotgun. Being one of the lucky few in Africa to legally own a gun, he has to fabricate many parts and ammunition himself because supplies of gun parts are so limited. You can read Part 5 here. ]

    Range Report 30May 2010: Testing 4 Types Of Home-Made Slugs

    I finally did a structured test of different types of slugs I have been progressively working on over the last 2 to 3 months. I have had to work with very basic tools, and without the kinds of facilities and equipment some have.

    While circumstances might not be perfect, this gives me a guide for more testing going forward… I really wish I could get some proper range time. For now, I have to use a wasteland former army range, I think I might have spotted foot tracks across one end, and might have to stop using the place soon.

    Target: round plastic item of exactly 1 foot diameter.

    Range: 25.1 yards (23 metres) MEASURED.

    Sights: “Iron-sights”.

    Shooting position: Offhand (free standing).

    Shots fired:

    1. Fired 1 Older patched slug. MISS.

    2. Fired 1 RSS. CLOSE MISS.

    3. Fired 1 RSS. HIT.

    4. Fired 1 RSS. MISS.

    5. Fired 1 NHP. MISS.

    6. Fired 1 NHP. HIT (BULL).

    7. SLUG WITHOUT CAVITY. WITH SQUARE BOTTOM. (Big hole: keyhole effect?/ tumbling?) Ejected itself. (Pressure signs? Expected! Slug was almost 2oz!) HIT.


    9. SLUG WITH CAVITY: ROUND BOTTOM. ejected itself. (Pressure signs? Expected! Slug was almost 2oz!) HIT.


    11. NEW SLUGS (SLUG 28MAY) LYMAN-TYPE, 2.75”. MISS. (There was a gap between the bottom of the slug and the wad. This could have affected things.
      Note that all misses were within 1.5 feet of target bull. Some misses were due to wavering sights. (Next time: will use a shooting stick!)

    SHOT 1: Slug patched with Masking tape, covered in glue. No over-shot plastic cover.

    SHOTS 2/3/4: RSS Slugs patched, covered with over-shot plastic cover.

    More photos on Flickr.

    SHOTS 5/6: NHP Slugs fabricated using 16mm socket wrench.

    More photos on Flickr.

    SHOTS 7: Square bottom slug NO CAVITY. Fabricated using 16mm socket wrench cut in half longitudinally.

    SHOT 8: Square bottom slug, with cavity. Fabricated using 16mm socket wrench cut in half longitudinally.

    SHOT 9: Slug with round bottom. Fabricated using 16mm socket wrench cut in half. Two halves (Upper and lower, similar.) welded together, and then cut longitudinally.

    For more photos of slugs 7, 8 & 9 see Flickr.

    SHOTS 10/11: New slugs, Lyman type.

    More photos on Flickr.

    Results: 5 main hits.

    Conclusion: Good progress!

    Steve Johnson

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