1911 with “Tactical Impact Spike”

    This is for all you pistol bayonet fans (Ed, I am looking at you!). The 1911 Black Window from Reeder Custom Guns features a big skull-crushing spike.

    This pitch black beauty comes chambered in the ever popular 45 ACP, features a full custom Caspian slide with Novak Tritium front sight and low profile Bomar rear. The frame is a custom STI frame with a Tactical Impact Spike milled into it. After the popularity of Kase’s Vampyre Slayer he figured he needed something for all the rest of the less than desirable creatures of the night, thus the Tactical Impact Spike. Run out of ammo? No big deal, just drive the Tactical Impact Spike right between the slimeballs beady little eyes and you have instant creature sushi.

    The price is $2395 and there is a 5 month lead time.

    [ Many thanks to Mehul for emailing me the link. ]

    Steve Johnson

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