Wieger STG 940 rifles

    East Germany, in the period before the collapse of the Berlin Wall, was short of foreign currency. In an attempt to generate cash for imports Wieger developed an AK-clone chambered in 5.56mm NATO. It was apparently very reliable. The collapse of the wall saw the demise of the company which found itself in direct competition with West Germany’s H&K.

    Inter Ordnance manufactures an AK rifle which looks like the STG, although the resemblance is surface deep. Until Sven emailed me the below photos, I had not seen pics of the real STG 90x series.

    Wieger STG 941 (top). AK-74 (bottom)
    Wieger STG 941 (top), AMS-72 (bottom)

    [ Many thanks to Seven for emailing me the history and photos. ]

    Steve Johnson

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