Analysis of Taurus 738 problem

    At least on TFB, the Taurus 738 TCP has been controversial with my blog post about it generating over 220 comments about it. Many owners have experienced problems. One reader, Nilo, did an analysis of what he thinks is the cause of the last-round hold-open problem.

    Nilo says …

    > I have purchased this gun and like many I have a few issues with it.

    > I did a close analysis of my gun and have come to few conclusions.

    > Anyone with basic knowledge of mechanics would probably agree with me that there is a design issue with this gun.

    > The issue I have experienced, along with many others, is regarding the slide not locking open after last round. A basic review of the gun and the components that provide this feature showed that this issued is caused by the design of the slide catcher and the magazine follower.

    > Once the last round is loaded to the chamber, the stopper is supposed to catch the follower and keep pushing it up against the slide, causing the slide to lock open after the last shot is fired.

    > Because Taurus wanted to make a very thin grip on this gun, the magazine had to be thin and the follower doesn’t have enough area to properly hold the slide stopper.

    > Photos are better than thousand words, so here we go.

    Photos are after the jump …


    Steve Johnson

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