Ferrari making guns?

    The Telegraph posted this photo of a captured Mexican drug lord gun collection …

    The Infomador had this to say about the raid (Kindly translated by Ztryfe)…

    A drug lord “El Lobo” (The Wolf) was arrested in October 2009 in Jalisco, tearing appart its organization, from there the military and Federal government have been continuing the take down, today has been revealed that a “small” arsenal was seized, 6 Rifles, 32 hand guns and about 700 units of ammunition. The guns and rifles have custom gold and silver finishes with diamonds, emeralds and rubies. The weapons apparently belonged to “El Lobo” since many of them have engravings with his name and alias.

    More proof that money does not buy class.

    [ Many thanks to Fred, Ztryfe and Mik for emailing me links about this story. ]

    Steve Johnson

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