SIG 516 torture test

    Below is part of an email I received from Laura Burges whose marketing firm does SIG Saur’s PR. At the SIG Editor/Writer seminar they did a torture test of the upcoming SIG 516 rifle.

    Have all ingredients ready and set the temperature to a raw New England day to about 46 degrees. Add occasional rain.

    Step One: Take one well-abused (20,000 rounds in already) demonstration SIG 516 rifle and bury it in sand. Cover well.
    SIG 516 Covered in Epping, NH sand

    SIG 516 Covered in Epping, NH sand

    Step Two: After mixing thoroughly some nice dirt and good old pond water, place rifle in mud. Cover and pat down mud.

    SIG 516 Mud Bath

    Step Three: Now to add more liquid. Immerse the SIG 516 in some very still, well aged pond water (preferably freezing cold too) and allow for bubbles to dissipate.

    SIG 516 Water Bath

    Step Four: Bake rapidly for that smokey flavor!

    SIG’s Defense Program Manager, Robert Hirt (seen above), demonstrated for all of us the testing program the new 516 undergoes. He shot a full magazine between each torture test of different manufacturer’s ammo. Never a failure. I guess I could end this little piece by saying “with a SIG 516 you can have your cake and eat it too.”

    Steve Johnson

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