Another Bushmaster ACR Review

    Glenn M. Gilbert of American Rifleman reviews the ACR

    Was the ACR worth the wait? To my way of thinking, the question is moot. Bushmaster didn’t tie up anyone’s money by taking orders it wouldn’t be able to fill or leave anyone hopelessly unarmed. The ACR also didn’t become obsolete or antiquated during the time it was in development. So I don’t see any point in judging the Bushmaster ACR on anything other than its merits. The gun certainly delivers on performance and handling, and given the speed with which one can change the barrel, it is certainly adaptable.

    I do agree with Glenn’s sentiments. On the other hand, it is only luxury items such as Rolex watches, 8-ply toilet paper and diamond rings where the price:performance ratio not important.

    Most people understood that theH&K MR556 was always going to be a luxury item. The Magpul Masada was supposed to be, or at least we thought it would be, a rifle of the people.

    Steve Johnson

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