Steyr’s civilian 9mm AUG

    Steyr Mannlicher (The European firm, not to be confused with Steyr USA) is selling , or will be so shortly, a range of AUG carbines chambered in 9x19mm NATO and 9x21mm IMI1. The STEYR AUG Z A3 9mm is a very cool looking gun.

    Standard Model

    The standard model is chambered in 9mm NATO and has a 16.5″ barrel. The Italians, who are not allowed to own military cartridges, are getting a 9x21mm model with a 13″ barrel.

    With Muzzle brake
    Italian 9x21mm model. How cool is this?

    The magazine capacity is 25 rounds. The standard model has an overall length of 27.6″ and weights 7.3 lbs.

    I will endeavor to find out if there are any plans to manufacture these stateside.

    UPDATE: Steyr USA currently no plans to introduce this gun into the US market.

    1. 9x21mm uses a lengthened 9x19mm NATO case. Its power and ballistics are the same as the 9mm NATO. It was designed for countries in which civilians cannot own military cartridges. 

    Steve Johnson

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