Interesting New Pistol Design

    Timothy Lindsay (USA) and Renaud Kerbrat (Switzerland) are listed as the inventors on the recently published patent application #20100077643. The patent describes a new pistol recoil mechanism that is similar to is the mechanism used by the TDI KRISS.

    Like the TDI KRISS, the bolt recoils downwards to reduce perceived recoil and muzzle rise.

    Prototype .45 Pistol
    Steps showing the bolt recoil
    The inventors envisage some pretty wacky rifle and carbine designs.

    UPDATE: Some astute commenters pointed out that Renaud Kerbrat is credited with the KRISS design. So this could be said to be the KRISS patent. What is interesting is how long they took to submit a patent application to the USTPO.

    You can read the full patent after the jump …


    Steve Johnson

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