Remington ACR multiple lower receivers

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

One aspect of the Remington ACR which I have not seen discussed online is that it is being offered by the company with a variety of lower receiver designs.

From the Remington Military catalog.

The standard Bushmaster / Remington ACR receiver is made of polymer with a moulded pistol grip. Remington is also offering another lower receiver that can accommodate an AR-15 pistol grip. See the above image.

An employee of Remington MPD told me that they also plan on offering a magnesium alloy receiver to select customers. I suspect that Remington would be willing to offer a lower receiver made out of diamond encrusted platinum if a large enough military customer required it!

If the Bushmaster ACR sells well, aftermarket lower receivers could bring in a lot of additional revenue. More than a few customers would be willing to hand over fistfuls of cash for a fancy all-metal lower receiver so that they could differentiate themselves from the crowd.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • DaMan DaMan on Apr 05, 2010

    every critizim made about this gun is true. but i still want one. and im pretty sure thats why its still a huge topic of discussion because everyone else wants one too. we more thrift buyers are just gonna have to wait till the package is acceptable. that being said you could have a SL8 situation where they put the gun out and no changes or after market parts come out and people end up fully modding the gun to get what they want. or you could have a sig 556 situation where it come out in a way i hated and eventually they put out a version im looking for(sig 556 classic) and the price came down to boot. so its all a gamble....i really really hope remington, bushmaster and <> support this gun with different grips, stocks, lower receivers, barrels, and so on. that was promised. also a kit like MSAR would be great too.

  • Tom Stone Tom Stone on Apr 06, 2010

    I hope the lack of recent posts means steve is shacked up with Angelina Jolie.