Brazil looking for new service rifle

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Brazil is looking to replace the IMBEL MD-2 service rifle (and MD-3 & MD-4 variants). The MD series of rifles is based on the FN FAL design, but instead of a FAL tilting bolt it has a M16 style rotating bolt.

IMBEL MD-2 and MD-3 (insert)

A Brazilian general has said that three rifles are in the running for adoption. These are the FN SCAR, the IWI Tavor and the IMBEL MD-97A2. The latter is an update of the MD-97 (which itself is based on the MD-2). The current MD-97 has a bad reputation for reliability.

Brazilian firm Taurus has apparently purchased a license for the production of the Tavor. Now if Taurus USA would just start cranking them out …


[ Many thanks to Vitor for providing translation of Fórum Defesa Brasil. ]

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Rafael Rafael on Apr 02, 2010

    El Duderino
    Yeah its true I forgot the rifles...hehe.... my fault.

    Well, I think the Imbel MD97A2 is will become the new service rifle, that is if the Army really change the rifle because the 7.62 NATO FAL is still fulfilling all the Army requirements. The engagement doctrine of the Brazilian Army is for engaging targets at over 100 meters.

    P.S: Sorry for any grammar mistakes

  • Tylermar Tylermar on Apr 03, 2010

    Oh ok so now it's IWI not IMI ok so all IMIs weapons or now IWI