Detecting Sniper Scopes

    GizMag reports on JETprotect CS300K “Long Range Counter Surveillance Camera” …

    Now a new device which uses the same “red-eye” effect of flash cameras and projects it hundreds of meters, can identify binoculars, sniper scopes, cameras and even human eyeballs that are staring at you. It is hence the first machine that can offer 24/7 warning that you are being watched or targeted, BEFORE a shot is fired.

    The system uses a Class IIIb laser illuminator to paint the target and a camera to watch for reflections. Software must be used to detect the difference of the reflection from a wall verses the reflection from optics. I suspect this device is designed for use in non-urban areas. In a urban area it would be hard to detect the difference between a scope or a car window.

    [ Many thanks to Tarkan for emailing me the link. ]

    Steve Johnson

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