Calico Liberty Tactical carbines and pistols

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Calico has updated their line of helical-fed high-capacity carbines and pistols. Calico’s guns have not changed much in the past two decades and were looking dated. The new 9mm Liberty Tactical line, which replaces the foregrip with a quad rail, is a much needed refresh. Calico has announced that they will also be adding the .40 S&W cartridge to their lineup, which currently is limited to .22 and 9mm.

Calico 9mm Liberty I Tactical (50 round magazine. $942, excluding accessories)
Liberty 100 Tactical (100 round mag, $934)
Liberty II Tactical (50 round, $1038)
Liberty III Tactical Pistol (50 round, $965)

[ Many thanks to Cameron for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • OIS998 OIS998 on Jul 25, 2011

    I'v had my Liberty 9mm carbine since 1984. Have put a ton of rounds thru it and have never had an issue that either being lazy (not cleaning it properly) or just plain operator error. I put a red dot on mine and hit steel plates at 150yds pretty consistantly. Love my Liberty

  • The Raj The Raj on Aug 09, 2011

    I traded into a new Liberty recently. I have had it out to the range twice in the past four days and I think it is great. I have other 9mm carbines but the Calico has several unique features that make it a keeper. It is lightweight and the placement of the magazine makes it comfortable to carry and shoot off-hand even with 100 rounds loaded. I like the ambidextrous controls and downward ejection, too. The stock design could use some updating and I would prefer an option for a single Picatinny rail up front, but it is really a unique piece.