Swiss Army knife with fingerprint reader

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

The latest Swiss Army knife from Victorinox features a secure flash drive that is unlocked using a built-in finger print reader. The 8gb model will cost £100 (about $150).

I never go anywhere without one of my many Victorinox knives. Part of their appeal, it pains me to say, is that they are considered to be politically correct and so do not alarm onlookers when you pull one out.

I won’t be purchasing this model. For ordinary day-to-day work I would be worried about being locked out of my data if the fingerprint reader died. If I was, for example, doing journalism in a hostile country then there are much better deniable encryption systems such as the free and opensource TrueCrypt.

UPDATE: The knife was at SHOT Show but I missed it! Ed blogged about it here. It has also got a laser pointer.

  1. From Wikipedia: “deniable encryption is encryption that allows its users to convincingly deny the fact that the data is encrypted” 

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Cymond Cymond on Mar 27, 2010

    Swiss Army knives can be considered 'politically correct' because they are widely viewed as nonviolent tools, not weapons. Just look at McGuyver; he was a gun-hating suvivalist who innovated his way through any challenge using a swiss army knife and whatever what sitting around.

    I personally carry a Swiss Champ daily and have for about 6 years. I also use it daily, and love it. It hangs into my pocket from a short chain on my waist. The weight is on my weight, but the knife stays in my pocket. Sidenote: Victorinox acquired Wenger several years ago.

  • Conrad Conrad on Mar 29, 2010

    Biometric encryption systems are generally a bad idea. As soon as someone figures out how to spoof the key you're SOL because you can't revoke it.

    Good old Gnu Privacy Guard on any file will always work and can't be broken without the rubber hose method.

    Great gadget though.