Has the gun bubble burst?

    Jim Shepherd writes about the decline in gun sales (scroll down the page to see the article)…

    Over the past few weeks, we’ve been hearing – quietly- of cutbacks, layoffs and other “right-sizing” going on at companies where extra shifts were the order of the day only a few weeks ago. With ammo supplies building up, components for reloading becoming more readily available, and the economy still wavering, it seemed the firearms industry might be slowing.

    Freedom Group Chief Sales Officer Scott Blackwell says the business cycle is significant, but feels a long-term opportunity lies with the new gun owners, not the longtime enthusiasts or sales fluctuations.

    Earlier this week a very reliable source told me the name of a major AR-15 manufacturer who will shortly be announcing that they are closing a factory and laying off staff. Not good, but the sales the industry has been seeing could not last forever.

    UPDATE: AccurateShooter reports that Marlin (owned by Remington) will shut down their plant in North Haven..

    UPDATE: Bushmaster, the “major AR-15 manufacturer” is laying off staff (not closing a factory). I misinterpreted by source. The factory closure was Marlin.

    Steve Johnson

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