Guns from The Departed movie

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

These are the actual guns were used in the movie The Departed (2006)! They are part of the upcoming Nation Firearm Museum Hollywood Guns exhibit. The latest episode of The Curator’s Corner discusses these guns and how they were modified to work with blanks (Click on “program Archive” button, then click the Mar 25 tab, then scroll down to “Curator’s Corner” … yes, they do know it is hard to link to them and are working on it!). Many thanks to Lars for emailing them me the photos.

He has blogged about them at NRABlog.

Beretta model 92FS with fake suppressor (looks more like a muzzle brake!)
Matt Damon’s SIG P228
Leonardo DiCaprio’s Walther PPK
How cool would it be to watch a movie, while eating popcorn, with the actual guns used in the movie sitting in front of you 🙂
Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Carl Carl on Mar 27, 2010

    Try not to eat while handling guns, boys and girls. And wash your hands after shooting. Lead is bad for you, no matter how it enters your body.

  • Daniel E. Watters Daniel E. Watters on Mar 30, 2010


    The only difference between the PPK and PPK/S is the frame length and backstrap. The PPK frame is shorter, and the stock panels wrap around to form the backstrap. The PPK/S used the taller PP frame, which has a solid metal backstrap. The use of the taller frame was to get around the post-GCA68 size restrictions on imported handguns. Once Interarms arranged for licensed production of these pistols in the US, they could offer the original PPK again without restrictions. (The PPK and TPH were still imported after 1968, but could only be sold to Law Enforcement or other Government customers.)