Toys R Us enters gun accessory market!!!

    If I had not seen the webpage with my own eyes, I would have not believed it was real! UPDATE: The page has been taken offline! UPDATE2: But a .243 bore sighter is still available! UPDATE3: Scroll down for an explanation.

    The product reviews are priceless …

    this product is great!! my 8 year old son’s precision 300 win mag rifle is already sighted in but we found another use for this. when we can’t make it to the range for live fire, he can lay prone on our second story balcony and practice holds and dry firing on the neighbors and people walking down the street! i can observe where his point of aim is through a spotting scope while laying next to him. this made a great training aid! THANK YOU TOYS R US for carrying such a great product!

    Works perfectly. Other kids play with balloons. Mine are ready when the balloon goes up.

    Thanks TRU.

    Worked great for granny and her 300. but she has more fun making the neighbors cat and dog run in circles. the cat will actually climb the wall after the little red dot.

    When we tried these out on pre-schoolers rifles in 300 Winchester, they worked remarkably well. However, caution should be exercised when using lasers around small children as they tend to leave the switch in the “on” position and thereby shorten battery life. Our school is now ordering more so that each child will independently have sighting capability for any new weapons he or she later procures. Thank you Toys-R-Us for stocking this hard to find item!

    [ Many thanks to DJ for emailing me the link. ]

    UPDATE: Nil discovered the problem …

    GSI Commerce runs the Toy “R” Us website for them… they also happen to manage Dick’s Sporting Goods’ eCommerce as well, and it seems there’s some database crossover going on.

    You can pull quite a few item numbers from Dick’s and get them to ‘show up’ when copied into the Toys “R” Us url.

    I have tried this and it works for some products. This is a major security flaw!

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