Advantage Arms Glock .22 Conversion Kit

    Packing Rat has reviewed the Advantage Arms Glock .22 Conversion Kit.

    Advantage Arms manufactures two models, the Target Model and the Law Enforcement Model, often abbreviated TM and LE models, respectively. The TM has a sleek machined slide, with an adjustable rear sight and a fixed front sight machined from the slide. The LE models I’ve seen appear to have similar slide dimensions to the GLOCK and “includes removable GLOCK OEM sights, which are adjustable.” The model I owned was a 19-23 Target Model that I bought new from a Petaluma, CA gun store. I paid way more than I should have, but that’s what I get for wanting it now – right? If you can find them, expect to pay anywhere between $280-$340. It appears that the LE model demands a higher price.

    Read the full review here.

    UPDATE: Suburban also blogged a review.

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