Prison Guns

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

The below photo is of a double barrel pistol that was loaded with matchstick heads behind a steel bullet. I guess it would be fired using a lighter.

On a related note: how to reload primers using matchstick heads.

[ Many thanks to James, of Hell in a Handbasket, for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Mica Mica on May 06, 2011

    hmmmmm and people wounder why iv alllwas thought prison should be hard labor with minamal liveing condition a prison is to break a man from crime not to give him a edgacation or let him be a better thife\ rapeest or murder \\ and as long as were on the subgect why are prision gard,s told to effect take down,s with minamal force ???? my way of thinking is hurt the SOB hard so he dose not even think of saying anything outher then yes sir no sir

  • J J on Aug 06, 2011

    doubt it would kill