Innogun's Hybrid pump action / single shot double rifle!

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Our European friends never seem to stop trying to find new approaches to classic weapon systems that the rest of the world has given up experimenting with and I love them for it! Case in point is the Innogun which merges a single shot rifle and a pump action rifle with a double rifle.

The Hybrid

The Innogun Hybrid lower receiver is a magazine fed pump action. The lower can be chambered in 7×64mm, .308 Win, .30-06, 8x57mm IS or 9.3×62mm. Magazines will have the capacity of 1,3 or 5 rounds. Its barrel is 23.6″ in length.

The single shot upper receiver can be chambered in .22 Hornet, .222 Rem, .243 Win, .30-06, 8x57mm IS, 9.3×62mm or 12 Gauge. To load the upper the action opens just like a under/over shotgun or rifle. The barrel is 19.6″ in length.

It weights in at between 7.7 lbs and 8.3 lbs, depending on the upper/lower combination.

By now you are asking yourself “Why?”. I don’t have a good answer for that question! I suppose it is useful when you want a combination gun but also want a repeater. Still, I love it.

The company is also making a lightweight version of the Hybrid called the Pulse. It is pump action only and weights in at 6 lbs.

The Pulse

[ Many thanks to the anonymous reader who emailed me the link. ]

  1. 1 round magazine for presumably be for hunting in locations that only allow single shot or double rifles. 

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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    The gun is taylormade for scandinavian roedeer and birdhunting. Both shotguns and rifle calibres from .222 and upwards are legal for huting roedeer (small deer species, grown male specimen weighs about 30kg/70Ibs ). The shotgun is suitable for short ranges especially if the roedeer is moving. Even if you're hunting in brushcountry you sometimes see animals at ranges beyond shotgun and that's where the rifle part comes in handy (Or, god forbid, if the animal doesn't die from the initial shotgunblast and moves out of shotgun range.). This kind of gun has been common for a long time here, the new thing is the ability to have more than one shot for the rifle, some people might appreciate the ability to shoot more than one animal before reloading. Gun might be popular, but I suspect the pricetag will be steep, maybe into the lower price range drillings, and drillings are also desireable guns for this type of hunt, and I suspect the extra shotshell is more desireable than the extra 2 or more rifle cartridges. Shooting birds in treetops is allowed in Norway and is often combined with brush hunting, and thus the gun would be suitable for that as well, with a proper optical sight in. There is also a political reason why this rifle could gain favor - both sweedish and norwegian governments have decided on a limit of the amount of hunting rifles you can own, thus weapons suiting more than one purpose is desireable, also the ability to change calibers is popular as it only count as one gun even though you might have several barrels in different calibers. The german Blazer has become extremely popular in short time, even if the price is stiff, and a second barrel costs more than a remington bdl. And no, not all hunters in Europe are noblemen with tweed and and no limits VISAs, most of us are working stiffs...

    - Øivind, Norway

  • Alex Alex on Apr 09, 2010

    Talked to this guy at a gun show here in Norway. Claimed the designer worked for Blaser and actually designed the new R8 rifle before he left the company.