Metal Storm and iRobot team up

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Metal Storm seems to have survived the … uuuggghhh … storm. This video shot by the US Navy (who funds Metal Storm research) shows a Metal Storm FireStorm 40mm grenade launcher mounted on a iRobot 710 Warrior unmanned ground vehicle.

The four barreled FireStorm holds 24 40mm grenades.

[ Many thanks to Daniel Watters for emailing me the vid. ]

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • KP KP on Mar 17, 2010

    I'm always left thinking the same. It's like they're scratching for reasons for it to exist (and keep their Navy funded jobs). 24 shots isn't very impressive when the smallest Mk19 box is 34 - and this looks like some very low velocity ammo.

  • Mark Mark on Feb 28, 2011

    Dear KP, have a gander at the following link:

    If that doesn't look fearsome, I don't know what does. Especially the period 0:25 to 0:45. Imagine that as a sentry with infra-red equipment attached to it. There would be no warning siren, and Achmed the Taliban warrior that decided it was a good idea to attack a US Army base would get 36 rounds to the face without warning. Pwned.