Savage Model 110 BA in .338 Lapua

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

A lot of people have been drooling over the new .338 Lapua Savage rifle because it packs a lot of features into a rifle with an MSRP of just $2,267.

American Rifleman has published a review of the 110 BA which can be read on their website

Although the Model 110 BA is found in the Savage Arms law enforcement lineup, and was designed with military requirements in mind, not to mention it has the ability to withstand operational use by military and law enforcement communities, long-range shooting enthusiasts will surely find this rifle appealing. What’s more, the 110 BA’s $2,267 price puts it within the reach of many shooters. All this, along with Savage’s renowned accuracy and commitment to quality, gives you a remarkable rifle at an equally impressive price.

Savage Model 110 BA (Excuse my poor photography)

The American Rifleman review is very comprehensive so I will not bother covering the same ground, but I will make a few comments about the rifle which I have had the pleasure of shooting on two separate occasions.

Recoil is not too bad. The muzzle brake is efficient. The blast, on the other hand, is significant. Firing it at the enclosed private single lane at the NRA HQ Range was quite an experience
! Again, thanks to Ed Friedman, Tyler Kreis and Daniel McCullough for taking me shooting at NRA HQ.

The rifle is more accurate than I am at half a mile. To be quite honest, being more accurate than me is not hard!

When I blogged about the original Savage Model 10 BAS, which this rifle is based on, many people criticized Savage’s decision to use an AR-15 stock and pistol grip. Personally I found the ergonomics of a free standing pistol grip to work just as well on a bolt action as it does on a tactical style automatic rifle.

I have only two criticism. Firstly, to be frank, it is ugly. Savage have gone with function over form. Secondly, few, if any, civilians are going to get any use from the side rails. They just add to the weight and cost of the rifle.

Caliber.338 Lapua Magnum, .300 Win Mag
Capacity.338 LM: 5+1 rounds, .300 Win Mag: 6+1
FinishMatte Black
Barrel26″ heavy fluted
RailScope rail mount 20 MOA elevation, side rails
StockMagpul PRS-G3
Twist1:9 (.338), 1:10 (.300)
Overall Length50.5″
Weight15.75 lbs
Other FeaturesAccuTrigger, AccuStock
MSRP (Price)$2267
Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Smitty33 Smitty33 on Dec 06, 2012

    I called Savage. If you even mention reloading they will not provide any information. All they did was recommend Blackhills OTM ammo. Shaving .010 off the die face may help. I took .003 off the shell holder and that wasn't enough to set back all the cases.
    Thanks for the tip!

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    • E E on Jun 13, 2013

      @Chad Olson what is your bullet seating die set at and the overall length when measuring with bullet and case?

  • Darcy Potter Darcy Potter on Mar 15, 2013

    I just bought 2 110BA 338lapua so my 22 year old son and I can get into LR shooting together I have Leupold mark 4 8.5-25x50mm M1 scopes to mount on them I am a reloader of 30 years I would like any advice on finishing the rifles and on loads i can get . Here in Alberta Canada the wait for the rifles was over half a year. the scopes just arrived and were ordered at the same time allso does anyone make a 30moa rail system for the rifle . I will be forced to go with Harris for bipods as Atlas is not shipping to Canada at this time , this is allso why I did not go with N/F as of the military contract it is not a option at this time

    • Bill brown Bill brown on Mar 17, 2013

      @Darcy Potter The best advise I can give you is to be sure to set the shoulder Back far enough to make the case chamber with ease.....also makes the bolt much easier to open and remove the fired case.....I used the Stony Point head space gauge and some new un fired Lapua cases to get the correct measurement.......takes a few reloads before the cases start to stick.......doing the above from the first reload will make life easier.....Hope this is some help to you.........