Savage Mark II and Model 93 BRJ

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

The BRJ was originally a .17 HMR rifle. Savage have now chambered in .22 Long Rifle, as the Mark II BRJ, and .22 Magnum as the Model 93 BRJ.

Model 93 BRJ (.22 Magnum)
Caliber.22 LR, .22 WMR (Magnum)
Barrel21″ Heavy Blued Fluted
StockWood Laminate
Total Length40″
Weight7 lbs
MSRP (Price)$456 (Mark II .22 LR), $464 (Model 93 .22 WMR)
Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Doug julin Doug julin on Mar 21, 2010

    Hey there! Here I am bopping around searching for anything of interest on .22 mags. I just finished doing homework on the kel-tec pmr 30 .22 mag to be out soon and I bump into my Beautiful Savage 93 above. I have the nickel finish with the thumb hole. Such a thing of beauty! Lots of back and forth on Savage vs the cz's. I am anything but an expert but my 93 is shooting like a.22 lr. in the accuracy dept. And that "accu trigger"!!!

    I am used to fine trigger pulls. Heck, I own the ubiquitous ruger 10/22. Like others with money to burn I purchased the volqartsen trigger assembly which cost me more than my used ruger was worth. Next the fat target barrel and on and on. That ruger sure shoots sweet now. Point is so does the Savage, right out of the box. mmm, such a looker to boot. fit and finish are first rate. I am feeling sorry for Mossberg playing catch up. And I do have a big soft spot for the Mossy. First shot off my baby fingers was with my dads .22 mossberg.
    In closing I have come to the conclusion that the .22 mag is my survival round. In derringer, single six, the 93 plus the above kel tec. Let me fill my large winter coat pockets with handfuls of the stuff. I have the 12 gauge mossy riot gun, the kimber 45, lots of 22s but I LOVE my .22 mags.