Wired Reviews Body Armour

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Wired Magazine tested three different level IIIA ballistic vests at the Oregon Ballistics Lab.

Nice to see that a cheap $344 vest works as well as a $4490 vest 🙂

On a side note, that testing gun is an interesting device.

[ Many thanks to Mik for emailing me the link. ]

  1. I refuse to call them bullet proof vests because they ain’t bullet proof! 

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • CMathewa CMathewa on Feb 24, 2010

    I actually have a subscription to wired. I read the article and I might pick up the cheaper vest. The only other armor I've uses was my old pasgt armor, and armor has come a long way since then lol.

    • Steve Steve on Feb 24, 2010

      @CMathewa CMathewa, yea, and its not all that expensive.

  • CMathews CMathews on Feb 25, 2010

    I even spelled my name wrong lol. When I post things from my Eye Fone I always spell things incorrectly. My apologies Steve.