Savage Muzzleloader KABOOM

    UPDATE: There is more to this story than meet the eye.

    There have been a lot of recently publicized KBs. I was emailed these photos of a Savage Model 10ML II “Smokeless” Muzzleloader. The accident happened last October.

    The Model 10ML II is designed so that it can be used with smokeless powder, which generates much higher pressure than blackpowder.

    The shooters hand, which was holding the fore end of the stock, suffered a lot of damage. I decided not to publish photos of his hand because they are far too graphic, but can be seen here (YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!).

    The North American Muzzleloader Hunting Association published the shooters account of the incident ..

    “On October 24th, 2009, I went to Broad Valley, Manitoba where I had purchased a hunting cabin with a couple of friends, to do some work on the cabin. And we thought we would get in a hunt that afternoon and the next morning. I had not sighted my muzzleloader this year, so went to a pit south of town to do so. I loaded the gun with 42.5 grains of IMR 4759 powder, using a 250 grain Barnes bullet. One of my buddies suggested I shoot over the hood of his truck, but I did not have ear protection, so decided to shoot off of a canvas duffle bag full of clothes. First shot was my last shot – as there was a large explosion…with my hand under the barrel on the forestock. The barrel and forestock blew apart (per pictures), and some part of the gun blew off and dented the door of the truck. My buddies took me to Hodgson General Hospital 20 minutes away. From there, I was transported by ambulance to Winnipeg Health Science Center 2 hours away, where I underwent 6 hours of surgery. Doctors expect 2-3 more surgeries, and I will be off work for 6 months to a year.

    [ Many thanks to Frank for emailing me the photo. ]

    Steve Johnson

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