Remington R-15 now in .450 Bushmaster

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Remington’s hunting AR-15, the R-15, is now available chambered in .450 Bushmaster. The gun features an 18″ free-floading and fluted barrel and Mossy Oak Break-Up camo finish. The magazine can hold four rounds of the large .450 Bushmaster.

The rifle is pretty much the modern version of the classic .45-70 lever action carbine. A .450 Bushy packs about as much punch as a standard pressure (smokeless) .45-70 round. More than enough power for any North American game.

[ Many thanks to Heath for the info. ]

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Dean Samons Dean Samons on Nov 30, 2011

    It seems amazing to me what some folks say you can and can not kill with a given caliber. Im not a pro hunter but have taken Moose from northwest Alberta to Newfoundland, with a 308 BLR. One of the guides I hunted wih in Alberta Has used a 243 (not saying its recomended). but done. I know of lots of elk taken with 7mm-08. My 7mm wtby mag have also taken all the above, My thought after reading this blog is,,,,Hum lots of tech-know but how much experince do some folks have to be talking down to others?

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    • Billy Billy on Mar 31, 2014

      @jared he's talking the SOUTHERN HALF of michigan where there are restrictions on types of firearms..

  • Major A.W. Oliver Major A.W. Oliver on Jan 10, 2012

    Love the 450 Bushmaster.
    Been hunting big game most of my life and this round works up close as well as my 338 Win Mag thus far.

    450 BM is a strong big game mid range firearm.
    Yes the 250gr. Ballistic Tip and or 260gr. Rem Soft tip are not perfect for deep penetration on big game out past 200 yards.
    But thus far have taken 3 deer and two elk with these loads all with solid one shot kills within 200 yards.

    Brown Bear or the like might be a bit to much for some with such a soft tip Bullet. But I know several folks who have executed more than a few big Bears with 44 Remington mags and 240-300grs soft points. The situation was requiring their use. Yet they worked well as could be expected. 2 of the 4 case were one shot kills. Bullet in the right place, spine heart or both through and through.

    The 450 Bushmaster will execute Bear as quickly with well placed shots as any other large game within reason and range.
    It has manageable recoil thus 2nd shots and or many follow ups can be used when required. This is a solid performer against any animal in North America. Momentum really makes a huge difference. Big bullets even when slowed down get through and kill with power to spare. I thought Elmer Keith taught us this decades ago.

    At the turn of the century to 1900s the 45-70 and less powerful rounds killed 100s of buffalo and Brown Bears. So with the power behind the 450 Bm I'd expect similar performance or most likely much better performance. I have seen the old BP rounds from many 45-70s and their performance on game from what I've seen thus far they are very close to the 450 BM. But the 450 has much larger exit holes.

    I doubt I will get a chance to take a big brown Bear with mine. Being a bit disabled these days. But I would not hesitate if the circumstances made the opportunity possible.

    As a backwoods Bear country fishing support firearm I see it better than most any pistol or short shotgun. This my family has used in Alaska for a couple of years now instead of the above. It seems it is better to have 10 450BM ready at the quick and ready than 6, 454s or even 6, 12ga slugs. The rifle weighs in at only 6.5 lbs. All day in the boat or off down the remote creek in the Brown bear's bag yard it is very comforting. Thus far not tested on a charging mother bruin but I'm sure it will work as it has on Elk in the lower 48 and 45-70s have in the past.

    Now we just need a solid slug from Buffalo Bore or Corbon with a large semi wad-cutter type tip and the game will be changed for the Alaska fishing support rifle. So pony up cartage companies and give use a better mouse trap for Brown Bears when required.