Blackberry stops .32 bullet

    Blackberry stops a bullet after boyfriend negligently discharge pistol at a restaurant. The Dayton Daily reports

    The sleeve got caught in the coat, and as Holtvogt reached down, he noticed the slide on the .32-caliber handgun was pulled back. The gun then discharged.

    The slug put a hole through his coat and his girlfriend’s jeans, but struck the BlackBerry in her left pants pocket dead center, Bush said. The bullet caused only bruising, and the woman declined medical treatment, Bush said.

    “The BlackBerry saved her absolutely,” Bush said. “It could have been pretty serious.”

    Walker, Texas Ranger fans may remember, in the first season, Walker chastising his partner for using an electronic organizer. He claimed a phone book had once saved his life by stopping a bullet, something a electronic gadget could not do. Good to see cell phones have finally caught up with the ballistic protection offered by phone books 😉

    [Hat Tip: SayUncle]

    Steve Johnson

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