Zel Custom Tactilite T1 .50 BMG Recall

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

From the Zel Custom website

If you have a Tactilite T1 .50 BMG that has a bell-shaped handle with 3/16″ threading and a roller (as shown below), there is the potential for an out of battery detonation and very serious injury, up to and including death. Do not fire your weapon and contact us immediately.

We have found that some of these handles can be over-tightened so as to bind the firing pin. If you have a unit that fits this description, regardless of whether you have fired it safely in the past, we ask that you contact us immediately to arrange for replacement components.

We are not aware of any incident of an out of battery detonation or any injury. However, we have been able to make this happen in controlled conditions and out of caution we ask that customers contact us immediately to arrange a free replacement.

At Zel Custom Mfg. we are dedicated to providing high quality, American-made products at a great price, and the safety of our customers is paramount. Again, we ask that regardless of whether you’ve used your unit safely in the past, please contact us immediately to arrange a free replacement of components.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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