The IRS Shotgun

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

By now you have probably heard about the news that the IRS is buying Remington 870 shotguns. Why? Who knows. I have never heard of a government tax collection agency arming themselves. Regardless of the social issues associated with arming tax collectors, you must give those accountants some credit: they know how to choose a decent gun. The IRS Shotgun (as it shall know be known on TFB) is pimped-out 14″ short barreled Remington 870. It is similar to the Remington MCS Tactical Entry/CQB Shotgun (pictured below).

Remington 870 Modular Combat Shotgun in the Tactical Entry/CQB Weapon configuration (14″ barrel)

When cutting down the barrel length of a shotgun, or tube magazine fed rifle, you lose magazine capacity as you shorten it. The 14″ length is a good compromise length and in an 870 can accommodate 5+1 capacity.

The IRS Shotty specifications also calls for a Wilson Combat Ghost Ring rear sight, XS4 Contour Bead front sight, Knoxx Reduced Recoil Adjustable Stock and and Speedfeed ribbed black forend.

The Knoxx stock features a spring system which slows down recoil

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Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Michael Zupcak Michael Zupcak on Apr 13, 2012

    Does anyone know if IRS Agents are issued firearms? Technically they're Federal Agents, right? I know some employees of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) are armed, so I wouldn't be surprised if IRS agents are.

    • 276pedersen 276pedersen on Apr 15, 2012

      @Michael Zupcak They're for the Criminal Investigation Division

  • David exo David exo on Apr 21, 2012

    If ever there was an Elephant in the Room that needed pointing out it is this:


    US Personal Income tax was NEVER ratified. It NEVER passed into law. Many US citizens have challenged this in the courts and won.

    Do not pay this illegal tax. Claim back the money you have already paid. Hold onto hour home, your mortgage.